about us

Sola Look was founded by two friends, David & Yvette, who realized they shared one simple philosophy: Makeup should be fun!

"When we couldn’t find the innovative concepts or the vibrant shades we craved from traditional makeup brands, we developed our own - all inspired by iconic movies, stories and characters that have entertained audiences from the ‘70s up through present day.

"Whether you thrive off a #TBT or just want an exciting, new source of inspiration to rev up your routine, we know Sola Look will earn its spot on your vanity. By combining the creativity of makeup with the nostalgia of cult-classics, we aim to bring a little more color and a lot more joy to your everyday with a beauty experience that you will never forget!"


Hometown: Boston, MA

Age: 21

Favorite Makeup Product: Lip Gloss

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Netflix Show: Stranger Things

Favorite Social Media: Facebook

Favorite Movie: Fast Five

Favorite Book: Any Murder Mystery

Place You'd Most Like To Visit: Dubai or Greece