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Hi! We are David and Yvette. We have been friends since 2006 and our daughters are God-Sisters. We are JewMinican...Dominican and Jewish. Think pollo guisado, plantanos maduro y mangu. Think matzah, challah and gefilte fish. Think novelas and think Seinfeld. Yvette is fluent in Spanish. David is extremely good in Spanish but can't roll his R's for the life of him. Yvette is a licensed cosmetologist. David is not. Yvette worked at Sephora. David did not. Yvette can swatch the sh*t out of any makeup product. David can't. Yvette has a wonderful teenage daughter named Maryvette and a bouncin' baby girl named Evaliz. David has a spunky 19-year-old named Athena who rolls her eyes whenever her father thinks he says something funny  

Boston, Massachusetts is the home of Sola Look. We like to put out mega cool makeup that people will love. We let our creative juices flow when thinking about new product releases. We sincerely appreciate our loyal customers, fans and followers. We are just like you. We want to share our passion of makeup, hard work, silly lives and laughter with you. We are Sola Look. This was written at 4:03 am. Goodnight and sweet dreams!


David & Athena (Athena trying to hide because her father is uncool)



Maryvette and Yvette love snapchat filters!



Athena & Maryvette partying it up back in the day