our story

Good friends David and Yvette founded Sola Look Cosmetics shortly after Yvette began selling eyeshadow stacks from her home just outside of Boston. They had been friends for many years and their daughters, Athena and Maryvette (now 19 & 17), were close in age and loved playing together. David pretty much knew nothing about makeup and relied upon Yvette's expertise as a licensed cosmetologist and former Sephora employee to teach him about it. 

Sola Look's first product release was a creamy matte lipstick collection called The Glamática Collection followed by 5 more lipsticks. Next came two eyeshadow palettes called the iGracias palette and the iBesos palette, which honored Instagram influencers and YouTube creators. It also incorporated a Hispanic-theme which paid homage to Yvette, who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. 

Sola Look always wanted to do different and fun types of products so when David saw Sugarpill's Edward Scissorhands eyeshadow palette it was a no-brainer. "Why not turn some of our favorite movies and TV shows into makeup collections?" And that's exactly what they did - Dirty Dancing, Charmed, Saved By The Bell, Grease, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Flashdance. Cats (the broadway musical) soon to come.

Five collections later, David and Yvette are still having fun with Sola Look. And now Yvette has a toddler named Evaliz who loves playing with makeup. Little Eva also makes occasional cameos on Sola Look's Instagram stories!

Please continue this journey with Sola Look as they bring the fun back into makeup. Shows + Movies = Makeup!


David & Athena (Athena trying to hide because her father is uncool) 


Yvette, Evaliz and Maryvette 


Athena & Maryvette partying it up back in the day