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Name: Dani (CoffeeBreakwithDani)

Representing: Living in Dallas, but left my heart in San Diego!

Nationality: Orgullosamente Mexicana!


1. What is your favorite store to buy makeup at?

Ha! With two baby boys, the only place I can is ONLINE! 

2. If you could have your makeup done by any makeup artist who would it be?

I hope one day the magic hands of James Vincent will touch mah face!

3. You're being dropped on to a deserted island and can only bring two makeup products with you. What would they be?

DERMA doctor Eye Balm and By Terry Baum de Rose!

4. Your followers are known as “Pandas”. How did the whole panda phenomenon begin? 

Haha! Dark circles! I hated having to say my "dark circles" or “ojeras". And being a mom of boys, those dark circles aren’t going anywhere any time soon! So I thought it would be more interesting to put a positive and cute spin to something inevitable and with negative connotation! 

5. At what age did you start wearing makeup?

I think 16 or 17? And I wish I would’ve waited a little longer! I became so dependent on it that I thought I didnt look pretty without it. Now I look forward to rocking my natural face. In fact, if you ever run into me in person - 9/10 I’ll have a proud bare face!

6. How time consuming is it to update and maintain your social media pages?

Oh Lord have mercy! I wish I had more hours in the day! I love to post and update but I really hate to have to monitor everything. Let me just say that I wish they taught Internet Moral Conduct in schools!

7. What do you consider your best facial feature?

Haha! Well my mom and husband would say my eyes but the verdict is still out for those Keroppi eyes! I would say my mouth since I think it makes people laugh a lot with all the randomness that comes out of it! 

8. What advice would you give to new, up-and-coming makeup artists?

Be yourself. Always, always be yourself. 


Social Media:

IG: @coffeebreakwithdani

YouTube: CoffeeBreakwithDani

Twitter: @coffeebreakdani