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Name: Claudia Yvette Flores (_claudiayvette)

Representing: Las Vegas

Nationality: Mexican-American, parents are from Veracruz, Mexico 


1. What is your favorite store to buy makeup at?

Definitely Sephora. I always leave with more than I planned on getting, lol.

2. If you could have your makeup done by any makeup artist who would it be?

That's a hard one. There are so many I would choose. I'm gonna go with Nelly Recchia. She is amazing at what she does! She goes by @nellyrecchia on Instagram.

3. You're being dropped on to a deserted island and can only bring two makeup products with you. What would they be?

Concealer and my brow powder. 

4. What type of camera do you use to film your videos?

I'm currently using two different cameras. A Sony cyber shot DSC-WX80 and a Sony A6000.  

5. Favorite food?

Sushi. Hands down! Yummmm.

6. Who are some of your favorite makeup artists and beauty gurus on social media?

@jordanhanz, @mykie_, @vladamua, @s_steller_, @rosharofficial, @sweetlyflawless, @suuzbrouwer, @nikkietutorials, @girlgreybeauty, @depechegurl....honestly this list could go on and on. I have too many favorites! 

7. You have a tattoo of some makeup products on your leg. What inspired you to get it and what type of reactions do you get when people see it?  

Well, I obviously love makeup and I'm very passionate about it. So I wanted to get it tattooed. My boyfriend designed and tattooed it for me. I definitely get good reactions on it. It's pretty big. People are usually shocked at the size and ask me how long it took.

8. Favorite movie of all-time?

Hellraiser. Lol. So much that I have a portrait tattooed of the character "Pinhead" on my arm.

9. At what age did you start wearing makeup?

I use to sneak some eyeliner to school without my mom knowing when I was 11, lol. I started doing my brows and winged eyeliner at about 14. I didn't start wearing a full face of makeup until I was 18.

10. How time consuming is it to update and maintain your social media pages?

I don't think people fully realize how time consuming it can really be. Each makeup look takes me a few hours to do. I also have to photograph it and make sure I get the perfect shot after that. I'm a one woman show. I am the makeup artist, the model, and the photographer/editor. It takes time and a lot of commitment to constantly come out with new content. I love it and I can't complain but it's definitely not something everyone has the patience for.

11. What do you consider your best facial feature?

I love my eyes! Haha maybe that's why I love doing close up photos of my eye makeup!

12. What is the most challenging part of applying makeup for you?

Hmm. I love wearing eyelashes and eyeliner but it will forever be the most annoying step to do in my makeup, lol. 

13. How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a normal day?

Between an hour or hour-and-a-half. It's definitely not necessary to take so long but I like to take my time and perfect everything. 

14. How much time do you spend getting ready for a special occasion (wedding, party, etc.)?

Two to three hours because I would probably be doing a bit more dramatic makeup. 


Social Media:

IG: @_claudiayvette