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Name: Ourfa Zinali

Representing: Los Angeles, CA

Nationality/Background: American Armenian


1. You're being dropped on to a deserted island and can only bring two makeup products with you. What would they be?

Liquid lipstick and an illuminator.

2. Favorite food?

Chinese. Green Apple in Studio City, CA

3. If you could do any celebrity's makeup who would it be?

Lana Del Rey

4. What is the most common question you get from your followers?

"Did your lip piercing hurt?"

5. Favorite movie of all-time?

Empire Records

6. At what age did you start wearing makeup?


7. What is the one thing that you would want your fans and followers to know about you that they probably don't?

I'm a miracle baby.

8. How time consuming is it to update and maintain your social media pages?

It's a full-time job. Put it this way, I'm always going over my data plan on my phone.

9. What is the most challenging part of applying makeup for you?

Winged liner because my eyes are extremely hooded when relaxed.

10. How much time do you spend getting ready for a special occasion (wedding, party, etc.)?

2 hours

11. What advice would you give to new, up-and-coming makeup artists?

Be yourself so you stand out. Practice until your arms fall off. Accept constructive criticism and be patient.


Social Media: 

IG: @ourfazinali

Twitter: @ourfazinali

Snapchat: ourfazinali